Contest! Who is Messiest?

My office is a mess. I have to confess — I’m a pack rat. I go through cycles. The mess builds to a point. I get motivated and clean it. The mess builds again.

Unfortunately, my wife and kids are pack rats too. We have a tendency to hold on to things far too long.

But we are trying to change that. And I hope that you’re trying to simplify things in your life too.

Lorilee Lippincott, author of 3 2 1 Stop – Stop Running Start Living (see my review of the book) has generously donated 3 copies of her book for me to give away. So we’re having a contest!

The idea is simple. From now until Monday, March 26, 2012 at 5:00pm EDT you can submit a comment. In your comment you can describe your messiest room, or better yet, link to a picture of it.

Just to get you started, here are a couple snaps of my office. Scary isn’t it!

My messy office - part 1

My messy office - part 1 (Click to start the slideshow)

My messy office - part 2

My messy office - part 2 (Click to start the slideshow)

I’ll pick the messiest of the bunch (I’m judge, jury and executioner 8=) and then draw 2 more randomly from all the comments. So you don’t need to have a messy room to win a copy, but it helps 8=)

Make this fun! Get your friends to post their pictures too!

NOTE: If you don’t know how to post a picture to FB or Twitter or Flickr or some similar social sharing site, just email me a pic at and I’ll put it up!

Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson


Contest! Who is Messiest? — 7 Comments

  1. My office area is a complete disaster area; full of mail order catalogs, children’s school papers, full bookcases, mega magazines stacked on top, a totally full file cabinet and catch all boxes, all in a small space. I’m usually organized, but this area suffers greatly. What is a girl to do? HELPPPPP!!! I bet mine is much more of a mess than yours. I would love for you to see it but don’t know how to post a picture. Thanks.

    [Here is Fumiko’s office. Thanks for sending the picture Fumiko!

    Fumiko’s Messy Office

    Ciao – LW]

    • Hi Fumiko

      It sounds like you’ll give me a run for the “messiest office” award! If you can submit a picture to Facebook, Twitter or some other social network you can enter the link to it in a comment. I’ll try to add it to the ‘slideshow’ attached to the post.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I was wondering what you meant when you recently said (via email) “can’t wait to see your mess.” Huh? I hadn’t quite gotten to this post – but glad I made it here before the 26th!

    I have to say, I’m a purger. If we haven’t seen it or used it in a year I get rid of it – that is, if I can wrestle it out of the hands of my hubby and kids who insist we might need it someday or that they just absolutely love it – nevermind that it’s been in the closet for a year and no one seemed to miss it. LOL! 🙂

    • I struggle with the same thing. My daughter had 8 of those clear yard waste bags full of stuffed animals sitting in storage — and probably as many in her room. She was actually in tears whenever we’d suggest selling or giving one away until the last few years. “But it’s my favourite!” was her battle cry.

  3. Our entire house is a mess, collection of twin girl toys, 7yr old boy toys, daddy’s mess, mommy’s trying to organize mess…but the worst room in the house is he basement where everyhing from upstairs gets taken downstairs!!!

    [Here are the links to Nikki’s mess – she posted them on my FB wall!

    Basement Part 1

    Basement Part 2

    Ciao – LW]

    • Hey Nikki! It sounds like you do the same things we do — clean one room of the house by moving the mess to another 8=)

      Hopefully you can get a picture onto FB or someplace and get me a link. If not, email me the picture and I’ll connect it in.

  4. Well, the time is up! And it’s going to be a real challenge to come up with the winner for the messiest room.

    Fumiko’s office is definitely in need of some major purging (and I worry that she’s drinking far too much coffee — I see at least 3 and possibly 4 coffee containers in there 8=)

    And Nikki’s basement is obviously a wreck. I can understand the kids’ toys, but the rest of it will need some serious “give, sell or trash” mentality (at first I thought you snuck a picture of my garage in there 8=)

    I can’t really decide between the 2 at this point. Luckily, I don’t have to since there were only 3 entries and I have 3 copies of the ebook to give away. So everyone gets a copy!

    But maybe we can have some “guest judges” (i.e. “you!”) drop by and settle the matter for us.

    Look at the pictures. Click on any of the links in the above comments and it will start a slide show of the 3 photos. Let me know in the comments whether you think Nikki or Fumiko should win the title of “Messiest Room” — who knows, maybe there’ll be more prizes…

    Congratulations to all 3 of the winners. I’ll be emailing you with details on collecting your ebook as soon as I get them from Lorilee.

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