A New Time Challenge for Me

Home School DadI’ve always admired those parents who choose to home school their children. But my wife and I decided that public school was a good route for us to take. When my daughter first started school I was still working contracts in the GTA and my wife was just starting her business.

But things change.

My son (who is in Grade 2) has never been comfortable in school. He does well with the school work and has fun with his friends most of the time. But something about it stresses him out.

Part of the problem may be his low vision which makes it difficult for him to keep up with his friends in the playground or play games involving a ball smaller than a soccer ball.

He’s also a perfectionist and worries about not doing well, or getting in trouble for some little infraction.

The stress is leading to health issues, like tension headaches and upset stomachs. For the past 3 months he’s been asking us if we could home school him at least 3 times a week.

So we’ve pulled the trigger and I’ll begin home schooling him on Monday with mom helping out, especially with the French.

I’m very lucky that I have the flexibility to do this. It means more hours a day that I can’t work which will be a big challenge. But it also means that I’ll be able to provide an academic environment for my son that will challenge him in a way that the public system can’t provide.

My daughter will remain at school (she’s in Grade 7) as there are many extra-curricular activities that she loves, not to mention tons of friends. She has asked to have some extra “home work” since she needs more challenge in her academic life.

That means I’ll still be driving her to and from school. I guess you could call this split schooling.

I’m not sure how this will impact my time management yet. I know it will be big, but I’m not sure exactly where. The work that I do will have to be rearranged quite a bit. I’ll have to cut back. I might be able to work bits and pieces of writing or whatnot during the school hours when he’s reading or working on a project. I’ll have to see how that goes.

So now, in addition to Mother Bill, I’m Mr. Bill. Don’t be late for class!

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Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson


A New Time Challenge for Me — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Bill,

    I do this “split schooling” thing too as my 7th grade daughter asked for a school experience after being homeschooled her entire life. Her younger two sisters (5th & 2nd grade) are still homeschooled.

    What we do in our family is get up together. We spent some quiet time together, eat and get ready for our day. I take my oldest to school while my younger two finish their chores.

    When I get home, we do school together for a few hours and then they do their independent work like piano practice, quiet reading, writing, etc… While they’re doing that I spend a couple of hours focusing on my business.

    In my case it helps that they’re able to play together. For your son, maybe he would do well listening to a story on cd while building with legos, climbing trees in the backyard or building a fort.

    It’s definitely tricky working from home and homeschooling. I often feel torn. Please feel free to email me if you need encouragement or ideas. 🙂

    • Thanks Tiff

      My son is usually pretty good at keeping himself going, although I still have to see how it will work when it’s not stuff that he wants to do. But the independent work at school has always been a strong point according to his teachers so far. I think he’ll be pretty good at it.

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