Max Productivity Mastery [Review]

Productivity - The Art of Making Every Moment CountWouldn’t it be nice if you had a productivity system that provided you with the right task to do at any given time? If you had a way to organize ideas, goals and tasks in such a way that you didn’t have to constantly juggle them in your mind?

My focus of late has been in the arena of time management… the art of making room in my schedule for everything that I need to fit.

But there is much more to it than just making a schedule and getting everything to fit. And one of the big areas is how to make the most of each minute. In other words, productivity.

One aspect of productivity that I’ve been struggling with is keeping all the different ideas, goals, tasks, etc. balanced and in order. It is one thing to be able to schedule blocks of time for a task. It is quite another to know which task that should be.

Too much time is spent trying to figure out which task should be done next.

Not to mention the time wasted by the distraction of keeping your task lists and priorities in your head. How are you supposed to focus properly with all of that going on?

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Alex to the Rescue!

Enter Alex Goodall and his Max Productivity Mastery training. Alex is an organization expert. He has spent a great deal of time developing organization techniques for data storage. He’s also spent some effort in developing organization techniques for tasks.

Max Productivity Mastery is a product to teach you how to organize your ideas, goals and tasks in such a way that you:

  • don’t need to remember everything
  • can easily capture and organize your ideas, goals and tasks
  • will quickly be able to determine which task is most appropriate next

The nice thing about Alex’s system is that he will teach you how to do it using free tools like Evernote, GQueues and Google Calendar. But you aren’t limited to using those tools — the system works with any tools that you may have at your disposal. The tools are only used to implement the system.

The Training

The training that Alex has put together is in the form of a mindmap within his site. There are notes, video and audio portions as well as links to the sites for the various tools that he recommends.

It is well laid out in a logical fashion. All the steps are well described so you can figure out the nuts and bolts of the system quite quickly.

However, the true test will be whether you implement it or not. The knowledge and principles of this training will be of little use to you if you don’t implement it.

I’m still learning how to work it myself. The concepts are there but I still need to train myself to use them consistently. It means changing some habits (bad ones I must admit 8=)

But I’m really impressed with this training so far. I believe that once I master it my productivity will increase.

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