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I have a confession to make — I suck at marketing.

I really enjoy writing and creating new stuff. I love to find great stuff that I can share and use to build even more stuff. I love creating web sites and blogs.

But when it comes to asking for people to buy stuff (or even just come visit my web site) I just clam up.

So What’s This Army Thingy?

That’s where you come in.

I’ve been studying about how to market things, especially things online. And I’ve come to understand one very important fact…

It can’t be done alone.

So I need to build up a group of people who will help me and support me as I continue to learn and share. People who will share my stuff with their friends and encourage them to read the articles I post.

I need to build an army!

How Does it Work?

Well, I ask people that I know to join. That means you!

When you decide to join my army you will be helping me get the word out.

It’s pretty simple. I just need you to share my writing and info products with people on your networks. It can be as simple as:

  • forwarding emails to friends that might find them of interest.
  • sharing a link to one of my posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • writing book reviews at Amazon and GoodReads, etc. (provided you’ve read my book 8=)
  • linking to my articles from your blog when it’s appropriate
  • you can even be so bold as to send me suggestions for articles you’d like to see me write or topics to cover

If you have a blog that fits the niche of one of mine, then we could write guest posts for each other.

Here’s an Example

To give you an idea of how this works, I’m trying to drum up some business for my time management ebook. That’s it over there on the right.

So far it is a complete flop. I’ve enrolled it in Amazon’s Kindle Select program which means it is exclusive to Amazon right now.

I’ve got positive reviews from the people I’ve given review copies to, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Amazon. They want to see it being downloaded.

But the Kindle Select program allows me to give the book away for up to 5 days during the 3 months it’s in the program. So, I’m going to be setting up a day or 5 when people can download the book for free

What the Army Can Do

If you’d like to be in my army, here is what you can do for me.

  1. Share this post with your peeps. Twitter, Facebook, email, whatever!
  2. Sign up to the newsletter to get notice of the freebie dates.
  3. If you are enrolled in the Kindle Lending Library you can rent it to get a head start.
  4. Download the book on the freebie day (or buy it now 8=).
  5. Encourage your friends to download it as well and share it the news.
  6. Then, I really hope you read it! I mean, I am a writer after all.
  7. After reading it, leave a review on Amazon. Please be honest with your reviews (but don’t be too harsh on me 8=) We all know what it’s like to see fake reviews and I don’t want any of that.
  8. If you have a blog that relates to time management, work at home moms/dads or a topic that meshes, write a review and/or post a link. If you’re an Amazon affiliate, make sure to get your affiliate link in there and make some money.
  9. After the Kindle Select time is run out I will likely make the PDF version available (with an affiliate program through JVZoo) so you can sign up for that when the time comes.

To be informed of the free giveaway dates you’ll need to sign up to the TMFWAHMADT newsletter (you’ll also get some sample chapters as a bonus).

When you follow through on any of these steps, please let me know how you’ve helped. I can’t track it all at this time, but I’d love to keep in touch with people who support me. So shoot me an email to keep me updated, or drop back here and leave a comment. Good things will come of it!

Other Things that Help

There are other things that you can do to help. Feedback is very valuable to me to let me know how I’m helping you in your life. So please

  • leave comments on posts to share your thoughts
  • send me an email to tell me how you’re doing
  • give me a critique on the sales page for the book
  • tell me what you think about the book itself when you read it

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me! I appreciate it so much.

Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

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